The Life of a Fangirl…

Use Your Imagination Not To Scare Yourself To Death But To Inspire Yourself To Life ― Adele Brookman

Hello my lovelies! Second day of mission “make up for lost time” and it’s movie time, but also a little bit of mystery… For today I’ll be writing about Annabelle, … Continue reading

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Music Is A World Within Itself, With A Language We All Understand ― Stevie Wonder

Hey Everyone! So get this (pun totally intended), I totally forgot it was so long ago I wrote… I thought it was last week or something so, sorry 🙂 But … Continue reading

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Believe You Can And You’re Halfway There ― Theodore Roosevelt

Hey again, So I just realized I didn’t have books on my theme list that I posted earlier… Shame on me! 😉 So instead of TV Tuesday and Film Friday … Continue reading

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Every Day Is A New Beginning

Hello again! Just a quick note; I have now deleted my other blog, daniivamploverbooks, but you can still read my fan fiction on Wattpad and 🙂

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Monsters Are Real, Ghosts Are Real Too. They Live Inside Us, And Sometimes, They Win. ― Stephen King

Hey Everyone! It’s been a really long while since I was here last… But now I am back and I promise, really promise this time, that I will post something … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Who You Are And Who You Want To Be Is What You Do

Hello all Sherlockians out there! Looks like BBC has released another trailer 🙂 I don’t know how long it’s been out there but this is the first I’ve seen of … Continue reading

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Gallifrey Falls No More Hello again! I just saw a post on Tumblr, it’s a petition to name a newly found planet “Gallifrey” 🙂  (I’m not linking the post, but the petition) I’d … Continue reading

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Never Say Forever Cause Forever’s A Lie

Hello! So, I havent been here for a while, I’ve been busy. With school and my writing. The writing’s going good btw 🙂 I’ve found a song that makes me … Continue reading

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No One Heals Himself By Wounding Another

Hello lovelies! So I’m writing on my fanfic Salvatore, As In Savior and I just realized something. When I’m writing that someone’s angry, I kind of get angry myself. Not … Continue reading

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Demons Run When A Good Man Goes To War

Hello! So last night there was the Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode “Day of te Doctor! And it was epic! I loved all of it, especially Billie Piper (Rose/Bad Wolf). … Continue reading

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Fear Doesn’t Break You Down, It Wakes You Up.

Hello again! So when I was at the movies last night I saw the trailer for Divergent, and since it’s so damn good I thought I’d show it to y’all … Continue reading

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Fiction Is The Lie Through Which We Tell The Truth — Albert Camus

Hello everbody! Today I’m going to talk about the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which I saw last night 😀 It was really great and I definitely was not let down! … Continue reading

November 21, 2013 · 2 Comments

I Never Changed, I Just Learned.

Hello! My sister just showed me the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life! And everyone seriously needs to watch it!  I’m totally blown aways right now… I mean, … Continue reading

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Do Good And Good Will Come To You

Hello everyone! I saw this amazing video on Tumblr just a few minutes ago and it’s really awesome! 😉 I seriously LOVE crossovers! ❤ So the video… it’s a Elena … Continue reading

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Blood Is Thicker Than Water

Hello lovelies 😉 Have you seen the promo for this weeks episode of the Originals yet? If not, do it now 🙂 It’s gonna be awesome! And rumor has it … Continue reading

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