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The Scariest Monsters Are The Ones That Lurk Within Our Souls ― Edgar Allan Poe

Hello Loves!

Time for that post I promised you 😉 And it’s about the new TV Series Constantine! Well, it’s relatively new… 😉 But I haven’t written that much about it, at least I don’t think so 😮 The serie is based on the Hellblazers comics, as was the 2005 film with the same name, starring Keanu Reeves. I loved the movie as a child, but rewatching it now I see the flaws. It wasn’t as great as I remembered, but then again, films rarely are… But the “new” series is great, and so much better than the film. 🙂 However, this one too has flaws. In the first episode we see Liv, and while I know it didn’t work with her staying in the show, I wish they would’ve given us an explanation of where she went. But her replacement, Zed Martin, is so good and interesting that I don’t think all that much about it 😉 I love her character, the acress is great, and her hair is great. And she’s beautiful! I wish my thick and fluffy hair looked like hers! Her hair actually looks amazing while my hair looks like an uglier version of Hermione’s hair in the first Harry Potter film. :S But Zed and (John) Constantine aren’t the only great characters 😉

Like in the film, Papa Midnite is still amazing. And a douche. But I love it! He does Voodoo and thinks Constantine’s magic is weak and lame. And the relationship between the two is great. It’s sort of a love to hate relationship, and Papa Midnite is a character you just love to hate, just like Constantine 😉

And then there’s Manny, the douchebag angel that talks to Constantine. Also a character you love to hate. I just love the way television these days portrayes angels as douche-y people, like they do in Supernatural 😉

Now, the plot reminds me of the earlier days of Supernatural, when there was a new monster, a new hunt, every episode. Which is good fun, but they too have bigger plot lines that are told throughout all the episodes, like Zed’s family being total cuckoos’ 😉 And Newcastle… I really want a flashback of that!

However, I have not seen the serie for quite some time now, but I’m like 90% certain that it’s just as great as the episodes I have seen 😉


(John Constantine, played by Matt Ryan. Sidenote: he’s bff with Joseph Morgan)


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