The Life of a Fangirl…

Whether We Fall By Ambition, Blood, Or Lust. Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust. ― John Webster

Hello Lovelies!

I am sorry that I did not give y’all that post about that new serie, but I got distracted by episode 14 of the second season of the Originals. For those of you who have seen it and have also read this blog before, you know why. Kol Mikaelson has died AGAIN! And I have therefor decided to never watch this serie ever again, unless they bring him back. Which I don’t understand how they could not do, since he is a fan favorite and the rating will most likely decrease if he stays dead. I mean, I had just gotten used to the idea of Daniel Sharman as Kol, and not Nathaniel Buzolic, and now he’s dead. I’m still scarred from the last time on The Vampire Diaries, and I don’t think I’ll ever forgive Jeremy and Elena for killing one of my favorite characters of all time, of all series I’ve ever seen. And it’s a damn shame. The Vampire Diaries is losing it’s touch, as you can see on the dropping ratings, and the oh so much better spin off has just killed off one of it’s most valuable characters.

But in more positive news, I have finally started watching the period drama Reign, about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots. And period dramas are my favorite genre, which not many people know. Most of you probably believe that Fantasy is my favorite, bur period drama has been close to my heart ever since I saw Pride & Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightley) as a child. But the best ones are the period dramas mixed with fantasy, and Reign has somewhat of a fantasy theme in it. Not exactly fantasy, but it has druids. And druids used magic, although they don’t really use magic, in the serie, in that sense. They speak a foreign language (I think it might be latin, but I can’t remember) and they use blood sacrifices. The druids are one of my favorite things about Reign, especially that Bash (aka Sebastian, the bastard son of the King) has druid blood. His mother used to be a druid, but she claims they did not do sacrifices when she was one of them. However, I don’t trust her and I wouldn’t really be surprised if that was a lie.


(Left – right: Bash aka Sebastian portrayed by Torrance Coombs, Mary Stuart portrayed by Adelaide Kane and Francis portrayed by Toby Regbo)

Another great thing about Reign, is the outfits. They’re so pretty and awesome and sexy! All the dresses are so amazing and there are so many that I really, really want. And it’s so going to be the inpiration to my prom dress, once I find my favorite from the serie that is 😉 But I’m not even halfway through the first season yet so I don’t know what dress I like most yet… And I don’t have that much time to catch up either, cause of school and I need to find a job since I will be taking a year of studying. The thing is, where I live they’re mostly looking for nurses and other jobs that I’m not even remotely qualified to do. I want to work at the bookshop we have, and I’m going to go there sometime this week, but since I’m still in school for another three months I don’t have that high hopes 😦

And for all you Teen Wolf fans out there, if you love Cora Hale (Adelaide Kane) as much as I do you should totally watch Reign because as you can see, she is Mary, Queen of Scots in this period drama! 🙂 I actually didn’t even notice until I looked at Kane’s imdb, but I forgave myself since it’s been a while since we last saw Cora on the show. 🙂

Overall, the series is awesome and there’s a lot of drama and interesting plot twist here and there and I recommend it to everyone reading this 😉


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