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Use Your Imagination Not To Scare Yourself To Death But To Inspire Yourself To Life ― Adele Brookman

Hello my lovelies!

Second day of mission “make up for lost time” and it’s movie time, but also a little bit of mystery… For today I’ll be writing about Annabelle, the possessed rag doll. Since the movie premiered recently I thought it would be a good Halloween post 😉

So let’s begin with some background for those of you who haven’t heard the story of Annabelle (and for those of you who know swedish you should check out this blog: X and this one: X, they’re written by the same person and they’re really interesting). Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann Doll given to nursing student Donna, by her mother, on her 28th birthday, 1970 (why anyone would give a creepy looking thing like that as a present I’ve no clue…). But Donna didn’t have to go through the coming horror on her own, she brought the doll home to the apartement she shared with her friend Angie.

(The real Annabelle)

Donna and Angie began noticing that the doll moved around in the apartement, they could find it in a different room than where they left it and in other positions. Creepy, I know. That’s where I would gotten out the salt and anything made out of iron, although I might’ve seen a bit too much of Supernatural to actually know what I’m talking about… But who knows, maybe it would’ve worked. They also found notes, around the apartment, saying “help us” but they originally thought someone had broken in and left the notes to scare them. But they did not look for help until Donna came home one day and saw what she thought was blood on the dolls dress and hands.

During a seance they got i contact with the “spirit” of Annabelle Higgins, and she claimed she had died, at the age of 7, in the house Donna and Angie now lived. She told them she liked living with them and that she wanted to possess the doll to keep living with them. And even though the blood incident happened they thought it would be a good idea to let her stay. Not the greatest idea…

And it didn’t take long for her to strike again. Donna and Angie’s friend Lou knew about the doll and had never liked it (smart guy). He began having nightmares about Annabell and woke up one night by dreaming she was strangling him. The dreams felt so real he thought they might’ve been. The day after that particular dream he was at Donna and Angie’s place and they heard strange noises coming from Donna’s room. They were worried someone was trying to break in so Lou went to check it out. But there was no one there and Annabelle was on the floor. Lou got an uneasy feeling that someone was standing behind him and turned around. And when he did he felt a sharp pain in his chest. His shirt was covered in blood and the wounds looked suspiciously like claw marks.

After this they were all terrified, understandable. They contacted a priest and told him everything. But he felt this was too big for him so he contacted paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, whom are famous in the paranormal world. After hearing the story the Warrens thought an exorcism of the house (so not just the doll then…) was needed and was performed the same night. Once it was done Ed and Lorraine brought Annabelle with them since Donna and Angie never wanted to see it again, also understandable. The doll can now be seen in Ed and Lorraine’s occult museeum in Moodus, Connecticut.

The thing is, there never was an Annabelle. It was a demonic power that had tricked Donna and Angie into letting it into their lives. Possessing the doll was just another step in the plan of possessing a person, which was its true goal. The Warrens said that demonic power needs encouragment to gain the power to control humans, which it did by being allowed to possess the doll.

Keep in mind, I only just read about this (the whole story that is) so if there’s any fault in it, sorry… 😉

This isn’t how the story’s told in the movie, and truthfully, I’m glad it isn’t. The real story is far more scary and I’m sure the movie is scary enough…

So have any of you seen it? I haven’t (but I’ve seen reviews, and the trailer, so I know most of what happens), and I won’t for a while. I think I’ll wait for the DVD’s cause I’m sure I don’t wanna see it on the big screen. Horror is better on a smaller screen…

Happy Halloween everybody, and I’ll be back tomorrow!

Here, have some battle ready shadowhunters 😉 I was reading the third book (City of Glass) today and I couldn’t help myself…


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