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Fiction Is The Lie Through Which We Tell The Truth — Albert Camus

Hello everbody!

Today I’m going to talk about the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which I saw last night 😀 It was really great and I definitely was not let down! My only problem was that I cried a lot and I didn’t want to make loud noises so I had to hold my breath a few times so that I wouldn’t… And you know, I’ve read the books a long time ago so I knew what was coming and I began crying a few minutes before tha sad things happened, but it was totally worth it though! 😉 Now I just have to wait for the next one… Which premiers on November 21st next year (in Sweden, so it should premiers at least a few days earlier in USA, and maybe in the UK). The saddest part of the movie I think, for me, is when Katniss sees the peacekeeper beat Cinna and drag him away, knowing what he’s got coming for him. And Cinna is one of my favorite characters, so it was extremely sad. But he knew what would happen when he made that dress and if he thought it was worth it the it was, even if I didn’t want him to die. And the ending was sad too, when Katniss found out that President Snow has Peeta, in the Capitol, and that there no longer is a Distrct 12.  And seriously, Effie was so cute!! And she and Haymitch totally got a thing going on. 😉 Well, in my head hey do…

But what about you guys, have you seen it yet?! If not, you really should! And also, who do you ship Katniss with? Peeta or Gale? Or do you have other ships you like, or dislike?

And I was really disappointed that some certain scenes weren’t in the movie, even though we got photos of it…




2 comments on “Fiction Is The Lie Through Which We Tell The Truth — Albert Camus

  1. Elly
    February 2, 2014

    Loved it so much! I ship Katniss with Peeta just because he is such a cutie! Not just in looks but personality too!
    I cannot believe we have to wait almost 2 years to see the last one!
    The cinematography was awesome and I reckon the time flew past. even though it is a long movie i would have been happy to keep watching hours longer!


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