Your Skin Is Not Paper, Don’t Cut It. Your Face Isn’t A Mask, Don’t Hide It. Your Size Isn’t A Book, Don’t Judge It. Your Life Isn’t A Film, Don’t End It.

Posted: October 23, 2012 in Danielle, Quotes/Lyrics, TV shows/Series
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Your Skin Is Not Paper, Don't Cut It. Your Face Isn't A Mask, Don't Hide It. Your Size Isn't A Book, Don't Judge It. Your Life Isn't A Film, Don't End It.

I have finally caught up with the amazing show Pretty Little Liars and I’ll tell you, I love it! ;) It’s an amazing show with an amazing cast. I wish I had a teacher like Ezra ;) I’ve actually thought about this a lot. I want Ezra as my english teacher and Alaric (The Vampire Diaries) as my history teacher. Although, it would be very difficult to concentrate on schoolwork instead of dayreaming about what’s under their shirts… And there would be a lot of inappropiate thinking too ;)

I’m so exited for tonights episode! It’s a halloween special which probably means someone’s going to die :( Something bad always happens at special episodes like halloween, christmas etc… I really hope that Caleb doesn’t die! I don’t know what I’ll do if he dies. You know, except for crying. The reason I belive someone’s going to die is because I saw a pictre on Facebook which said “who do you think will die” or something like that. There were photos of the characters in the show and I really don’t want Caleb to die!

And what about Toby? Has he been on the ‘A’ team all along? I hope not! Me and my friend has this theory that he’s just doing it to protect Spencer and that’s why he left town. To become one of ‘A’s helper. I wonder who The ‘A’ is… The one person behind all of this.

Have you seen Pretty Little Liars? If not, DO IT! :D

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