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Dear Life, When I Asked If My Day Could Get Any Worse, It Was A Rhetorical Question. Not A Challange.

Dear Life, When I Asked If My Day Could Get Any Worse, It Was A Rhetorical Question. Not A Challange.

This show is definately worth checking out! It’s called “The Nine Lives Of Chloe King” as you can see on the picture.

It’s about Chloe King who one night finds out she has cat-like abilities. She’s destined for something else than what she thinks… And she’s hunted.

I don’t really know much about it. I’ve only seen half of one episode. But it seems really good! So everyone should check it out! I know I will 😉

This is the storyline from

Chloe King should be dead. Any normal human being would be under the circumstances, but Chloe has just turned sixteen and has found out she isn’t as normal as she once thought she was. Chloe is Mai – a race of beings with cat-like powers: speed, agility, and claws. Being a high school student was complicated enough, but being Mai has added a new set of problems. Chloe is given the responsibility of protecting both the Mai and Human races. A secret organization wants to have her assassinated – nine times if necessary. And a simple kiss has deadly consequences; so much for falling in love.


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