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Don’t Cry When The Sun Is Gone, Because The Tears Won’t Let You See The Stars.

Don't Cry When The Sun Is Gone, Because The Tears Won't Let You See The Stars.

So, I did go to the cinema with my sister yesterday. And we saw The Amazing Spider-Man.

I’ve alway thought it was spelled “Spiderman”…  But apparantly, I was wrong 😦

The story is pretty much the same as the first movie, as it’s sort of a re-make. I’m not a fan of these movies, but my sister promised to clean my room. A promise she kept. The only real diffrence I can think of, (it’s a long time since I saw the other Spider-Man movies) right now, is that he got the girl before she found out he’s Spider-Man. And, ofcourse, the fact that we get to see a glimpse Peter Parkers childhood. But the story is, as I wrote before, almost the same.

His uncle dies, and he seeks revenge. But as the time goes, he starts to think he can help people. Save them. “Do the things that maybe the police cannot do”. His words, not mine 😉 There’s a bad guy, which he stops just in time to save the day.

The main reason I have for not liking these movies is that they’re so predictible. There’s the hero. A girl. A bad guy. The hero stops the bad guy just in time and in the end, he gets the girl.

I like happy endings, don’t get me wrong. But I’m just so tired of them. I want a movie with a bad ending for once. A movie where the hero doesn’t get the girl. Or even better, a movie where the hero is a girl/woman. Why is the hero always a guy? And whay is the hero always at some point considered a criminal?

So I guess my point is; I don’t like superhero movies.

This one was okay. Not great. But not bad.


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