The Life of a Fangirl…

New blog is up and running!

Hello lovelies! As I’ve mentioned before, I have a new blog and it’s now officially up and running. And obviously I would really appreciate if all my lovely followers would … Continue reading

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Don’t Hide The Light Inside Of You – Home, Flyleaf

Hello lovelies! So it’s been a really long while since last, and I apologize… But, my new years promise this time around is gonna be to write more, on my … Continue reading

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They Tried To Bury Us. They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds – Mexican Proverb

Hello Loves! As some of you may know, Michael Malarkey, a.k.a. Enzo from The Vampire Diaries, has releasen a 5-track EP, called Feed the Flames. I’ve been listening a lot … Continue reading

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The Scariest Monsters Are The Ones That Lurk Within Our Souls ― Edgar Allan Poe

Hello Loves! Time for that post I promised you πŸ˜‰ And it’s about the new TV Series Constantine! Well, it’s relatively new… πŸ˜‰ But I haven’t written that much about … Continue reading

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Whether We Fall By Ambition, Blood, Or Lust. Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust. ― John Webster

Hello Lovelies! I am sorry that I did not give y’all that post about that new serie, but I got distracted by episode 14 of the second season of the … Continue reading

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I Am Ashes Where I Was Once Fire ― Lord Byron

Hello Lovelies! Today is a good day! You know why? Because the first e-novella of ten about the Shadowhunter Academy was released today, that’s why! It’s called Welcome to the … Continue reading

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I’ll Let You Set The Pace, Cause I’m Not Thinking Straight ― Love Me Like You Do, Ellie Goulding

Hello Loves! It’s been a while, but school got in the way and I’ve been really stressed. Last time I believe I promised to write about something I haven’t written … Continue reading

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Art Is How We Decorate Space; Music Is How We Decorate Time.

Hello Lovelies! So I said earlier that I would be posting my Vampire Diaries fanfiction Salvatore, As In Savior here on the blog, but it won’t be happening this week … Continue reading

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Nothing Lasts Forever ― Black Widow, The Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Hello Again Loves! So, I’ve just updated this blog as you might have noticed. I changed the theme and updated the About Me page, see DaniiVampLover on the left. I … Continue reading

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Death Is Only The End If You Assume The Story Is About You ― Welcome To Night Vale

Hello loves! The weekend is closing up, and I’m finally getting better (I’ve been sick for a little while) and basically the only good thing about being sick, and missing … Continue reading

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Searching For A Sweet Surrender ― I’m A Mess, Ed Sheeran.

Hello Loves! It’s been a while now, and I know I said I’d be here more, as I’ve done so many other times. But I’m here now and I’ve got … Continue reading

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Thinking Of Losing You Is A Haunted Song ― Set Me On Fire, Flyleaf

Hello Dearies! It’s been a while… But schools been busy and there’s been some personal stuff going on, but hopefully it will calm down soon and you know, winter breaks … Continue reading

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Chains Shall He Break, For The Slave Is Our Brother ― Oh Holy Night

Goodday Dearies! (Yes, I stole that from OUAT’s Rumplestiltskin). So, we finally have our first “real” snow today! When I say real I mean snow that lasts longer than the … Continue reading

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You Can’t Live On The Edge All Your Life, Faith. Sooner Or Later, You Have To Jump. ― Jacknife, Mirror’s Edge

Hello Dearies! It’s time for games and sadly, no, it ain’t A’s games I’m talking about… That will come later, when Pretty Little Liars returns πŸ™‚ Today I will be … Continue reading

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So You Were Never A Saint And I Loved In Shades Of Wrong ― Taylor Swift, State Of Grace

Okay peeps! ThirdΒ day and it’s time for some people talk πŸ˜‰ But no, this post will not be about Miss T. Swift (I’m just listening to her song, State of … Continue reading

November 1, 2014 · Leave a comment
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